Camping is an outdoor activity, which would involve sleeping in a tent or a recreational vehicle.  It is done in the countryside to be in contact with nature. One can enjoy camping all year round, however due to the Maltese hot summer months it might not be that popular during summer.  Camping means different things to different people, and for the majority of families, camping is a way of revitalizing their relationships and spend some quality time together, away from the distractions at home.  On the other hand, many youth organizations such as Scouts, use camping as a way to teach youngsters how to build a fire, pitch a tent, or even read a compass. Malta is known for the beautiful weather, that’s why it’s the perfect place for camping. But it’s not only the weather why people love to camp in Malta. The wonderful scenery, hills and beaches make camping in Malta a great experience. Besides the beautiful nature, Malta is also rich in history and has beautiful churches, many cultural trips, nice activities and shopping streets.  

Below follows a couple of nice campsites with their contact information. The campsites are situated in the northern part of the island and enjoy great views and are surrounded by beautiful countryside.  At both sites you can enjoy some quiet time. The complete information about the camping’s you can find on the camping websites.