Pet Grooming

When referring to the term pet groomer we refer to both the hygienic care and the cleaning of the pet. The pet can be any domestic animal such as a dog, a cat, a rabbit and so on. Pet groomers are professional groomers that help in the process of keeping your pet hygienic while also looking clean and presentable. A typical session consists of the pet getting brushed, bathed and dried as well as trimmed and clipped to look presentable, and bathed. These professionals can either come to you or else you can drop off your pet at their work space. Grooming is a vital part for the well-being of your pet. When groomed your pet’s chance of health problems decreases. Grooming is recommended to be done every 6-8 weeks. Grooming sessions can also involve your pet getting its teeth brushed, their nails clipped and many other pampering treatments. Some of the pet groomers found in Malta are :

Pet Grooming Services by Charmaine


This pet grooming service offers a wide range of services such as washing, drying, trimming, shedding treatment and so on. You can also contact them through their Facebook page or by phone or email.


Address: 228 Vjal L-Indipendenza, Il-Mosta

Facebook Page:

Telephone Number: 2704 2575



Paula’s Paws 


This pet groomer is located in Birkirkara. The services that are offered by this business are nail clipping, coat shaving and trimming, ear cleaning and many more. To book an appointment or to see what else this pet groomer offers, visit their facebook page or contact them through phone or email.


Address: 28 Triq Il-Fuhharin, Birkirkara, Malta

Facebook Page:


Telephone Number:  9811 3632


Best Buddies Pet Grooming 

This pet groomer is located in San Gwann and offers a wide variety of services such as washing, trimming and many more. More information can be seen on their Facebook page. If you want to book a grooming session or you want to know more details, the below information may help you.


Address: 80,Triq Alessju Xuereb, San Gwann SGN 3052


Telephone Number:  2138 9801 / 7921 2925



Tat-Targa Grooming Parlour 

These groomers are situated at Tat- Targa Kennels in Naxxar. This is a boarding kennel where people leave their pets whenever they go abroad in order for the staff at the kennel to take care of them. The services that they offer are partial grooming, full grooming, standard baths and many more. For more information visit the website or contact them through phone or email.


Address: Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels, Triq Wied Filep, Naxxar, NXR 6710


Telephone Number:  +356 21573081 / +356 79702326