A plumber specializes in the installation and repair of pipes that supply water to your household.  It is important to have your water pipes in good order, so as to avoid any water wastage.   All plumbers install plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, toilets and appliances including dishwashers and washing machines.  Having plumbing issues at home? Contact one of the plumbers listed below.


George Abela

The plumbing services of George Abela are here to provide customers with comprehensive plumbing works, from turnkey projects to simple replacements of pipes and plumbing fixtures. Services are available 24/7 in case of emergency repairs and maintenance. Works can be carried out in residential, commercial and industrial settings, including homes and apartments, hotels, offices, and local retail shops. Services include the replacement of malfunctioning and broken fixtures, pipes, fittings and sanitary ware items, as well as the installation of new fixtures. Also offered is the design of bathrooms, washrooms, and kitchens for turnkey projects, including the design of a room’s plumbing fixture based entirely around the needs of the client and space. Additional skip hire services are also available for demolition projects and construction works,


Address: George Abela, 33 Triq il-Herba, Zejtun Malta ZTN 1203

Number: +356 7927 8794

E-mail: [email protected]


Anthony D’Anastasi

The services offered by Anthony D’Anastasi include pressure testing water pipes, concrete hole cutting, electrodes and drain pipes, as well as other types of maintenance jobs. Before works are commenced, sites are checked out properly and carefully so as to make sure that jobs are carried out safely.


Address: Anthony D’Anastasi, 32 Virgo Triq il-Battaljun, Mosta Malta MST 2721

Number: +356 9948 5960

E-mail: [email protected]


Mark Vella

Mark Vella is a qualified plumber with over 40 years of experience performing installations and maintenance and repairs of drain pipes. Services are offered in both domestic and commercial settings.


Address: Mark Vella, 7 Trejqet George B Shaw, B’Bugia Malta BBG 2580

Number: +356 9982 7768

E-mail: [email protected]



About Pipes

About Pipes offers the assembly of pipe sections, tubing and fittings. Great customer service is offered to all clients.


Address: About Pipes, Garage 4 Triq il-Kapuccini, Zabbar Malta ZBR 1805

Number: +356 9948 7135

E-mail: [email protected]


Stephen Seychell

With Stephen Seychell you will receive top quality services from one of the leading local plumbers with much experience in the field, an eye for detail and exceptional devotion to putting the customer first in all work performed. Services include the installation of plumbing fixtures, water heater repairs, installation and placement, and laying of drain pipes for skins, showers, bathtubs, toilets and sewage, hoses, sprinkler systems, and piping for heating fixtures. Full turnkey installation services are offered for sanitary ware and plumbing fixtures. Plumbing services are tailor-made to the individual needs of each client, ensuring that your home, residence or commercial property is met with the highest degree of professionalism and personal care available.


Address: Stephen Seychell, 7 Grazzja House Triq it-Telliera, Zabbar Malta ZBR 3510

Number: +356 9946 0581