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Malta is the ideal place for windsurfing due to the warm waters and the easy accessibility of windsurfing spots. The best time to go windsurfing in Malta is between November and March, then the wind conditions are the best. Really good windsurfing areas in Malta are Ghallis Rock (close to St. Julian’s), St. Thomas Bay and Mellieha Bay.


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Surfing Malta

Location: Garaxx 4, Saint Joseph Flats, Carmeo Dimech Street, Mosta, Malta.



Telephone number: (+356) 79752108

Surfing Malta is a windsurfing school run by family for over ten years now. This is the reason that they are specialised in beginners.  Also they have developed a unique teaching method that allow all the people to learn windsurfing quick and easy! But also for advanced they can offer much challenge. Surfing Malta offers the possibility to windsurf in all of Malta’s best locations.


Windsurfing, surfing, water sports, groups, water, malta


Sun and Fun Water Sports

Location: Corinthia Beach Resort, St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s, Malta


E-mail address: 

Telephone numbers: (+356) 9922 4363/(+356) 9900 4363

Sun and Fun isn’t a new business for them it all began in 1987. In all these years they have grown considerably. Now they are one of the best company in water sports, yacht charters and cruises. So not only for windsurfing you can go to Sun and Fun also known as Yacht Charters Ltd. You can find them at several five-star hotels but mostly are they at St. Julians, they say that is where the most action takes place.


Windsurfing, surfing, water sports, groups, water, malta