Healthcare in Malta is considered to be very good with exceptional public and private hospitals found all over the Maltese Islands. These hospitals offer a range of medical treatments, such as various surgeries and consulting services. Malta is one of the few countries that offers free healthcare for its residents. Free healthcare is only found in public hospitals. The Private hospitals that are found in Malta do not have free healthcare thus you will need to pay for their services. If you get sick or mildly injured, health centers and clinics are found all over Malta. If you seek an ambulance to get to hospital you may call the freephone emergency number 112 from a landline, a pay phone or even from your mobile phone.



Public Hospitals 

Public Hospitals are available to the public free of charge. These offer surgeries and consultations related to your health issues. Emergency services are also found in public hospitals which are also free of charge. These services include the ambulance if one is needed. Services found in public hospitals include specialized care and/or emergency services. Some of the public hospitals present on this island are:


Mater Dei Hospital 

This is the main public hospital found in Malta. It is located in Msida and offers hospital and specialist services such as consultations, tests and surgeries. This hospital is open 24 hours for any emergency needs and has a total number of 1,000 beds.


Address: Triq Dun Karm, L-Imsida

Telephone Number: 2545 0000

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Sir Paul Boffa Hospital

This hospital specialises in Oncology and Palliative Care and Dermatology. It provides both in and out patient services and has specialized departments such as Psychology, Physiotherapy. and more.


Address: Sqaq Harper, Il-Furjana

Telephone Number:2122 4491

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Mount Carmel Hospital 

Mount Carmel is the main mental hospital found in Malta. They offer both in and out patient services while also taking a multidisciplinary approach in all of its psychiatric services.


Address: Mount Carmel Hospital, Attard

Telephone Number: 2141 5183

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St Vincent de Paul Residence

This is a long term residence home for the elderly. Nurses and doctors are present with the elderly to take care of their every need.


Address: St Vincent de Paule Long Term Care Facility., Mgieret Road, Luqa

Telephone Number: 2122 4461

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Gozo’s General 

This is the only hospital which is located in Gozo. It is a general hospital with a mix of care wards. This is the hospital for emergencies that happen in Gozo. It is open for 24 hours and if any specialised treatment needs to be given to the patient, they will be transported via ambulance or helicopter to a hospital that is able to treat them.


Address : Għajn Qatet St, Victoria VCT 2520

Telephone Number: (+356) 2210 6000

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Karin Grech Rehabilitation Hospital

Karin Grech Hospital is a rehabilitation hospital where patients who have undergone a trauma, for example a stroke or an amputation, are treated.


Address: Pieta

Telephone: (+356) 2208 1841

Email: [email protected]

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Private Hospitals 

Private Hospitals in Malta are not free of charge. You will have to pay for the consultation , treatments and/or surgeries that you may have done at that private hospital. Private hospitals that are found in Malta include:


St. Thomas Hospital

This is a private hospital found in Hal Qormi which is open to the public 24/7. It offers services such as blood tests, family medicine, advanced radiology and many more.


Address: Valetta Road, Qomi, QRM3617, Malta

Telephone Number: (+356) 2148 2482/(+356) 7748 2480


Email: [email protected]


St James Hospital 

St James Hospital is an 80 bed unit hospital located in Sliema and Zabbar. A clinic is also found in Burmarrad. They offer a wide variety of services, including plastic surgery, physiotherapy, dental and implantation and many more.



Saint James Hospital Sliema 

George Borg Olivier Street Sliema

SLM 1807


Saint James Hospital Zabbar

Saint James Square, Zabbar

ZBR 3103


Saint James Clinic Burmarrad

Triq Il-Wardija, San Pawl il-Baħar

SPB 6101


Telephone Number: (+356) 2329 1000

Email: [email protected]