Pet Sitters

Pet sitting refers to the act of taking care of another person’s pet for a given time period. This is normally done at the owner’s home, for example if the owner goes on holiday. Pet sitters feed your pet and change their water bowls while you are not there, while also providing exercise, play time and cleaning up messes that your pet has made.  A form of pet sitting is dog walking since it involves the pet sitter going to your house to provide your pet with exercise and companionship. One may find small business associated pet sitting in Malta. These are:

Pet Sitting Malta 

This is a website that offers various services related to pet sitting. These services include home visits, pet sitting, pet boarding , pet relocation and others. It also has informative blogs regarding cats and dogs that may help answer some of your questions about your pet. For more information visit the website link down below.




Trusted House Sitters 

Trusted House Sitters is a website where you can create a listing and receive applications from pet sitters and select one for when you travel to take care of your pet. This website lets you get to know your sitters before you choose one and you can also read reviews that were left by other people regarding that specific sitter. For more information or to use this website you may visit the link below. 





This is a website where you can find pet sitters whenever you need them. You can find pet sitters that help you even while you are in the country but working long hours. It helps you find trustworthy and affordable care for your pet. The sitters on this website can either be full time and live in with you or part time and live outside of your home. For more information or to use the services provided by this website visit the link below.




This website consists of sections where you can choose whatever service you would like for your pet. Among the selection, pet sitting is included. When this is clicked a questionnaire is presented in order to get the best and suitable pet sitter for you. For more information or to try out this service visit the website link below.




Andrea Cassar Pet Sitting and Boarding

Andrea Cassar Pet Sitting and Boarding is here to help you make your holiday worry-free. While you’re away, your pet will be cared for with love, providing an easy transition for your pet and peace of mind for you. Your pet will be kept in an environment that is familiar, comfortable, and safe. They will be surrounded by familiar settings, smells, and sounds. Dietary requirements and medical treatments are always catered to, along with maintained healthy and regular exercise. Staff are also experienced enough to handle emergencies if and when they arise.


Address: Andrea Cassar Pet Sitting & Boarding, 108 Flat 3 Block A Triq San Albert, 


Number: +356 9969 7383

E-mail: [email protected]