A new powerhouse wall finishing in Malta

An All-Rounder ‘Wall finishing’ in Malta, Our Powerhouse wall finishing is used for decoration and protection due to its exceptional properties on ceilings and walls. Our products are extremely suitable for new properties, offices, hospitals, clinics, hotels, nursing and retirement homes, schools and public entrées.

Powerhouse Wall Paper Malta


Glass fibres in our product are bonded, to form a fabric is turned into a particularly strong, stable and durable wallpaper thanks to a special processing method, the finish, whose most important property is its high durability, tear-resistant and impact-resistant. it is easily withstanding high loads and gives the wall additional stability. Small cracks are covered up discreetly and further crack formation will be prevented.

Wall Finishings for Hotels of Clinics

Our wallpapers are also used particularly frequently because they do not rot, they are particularly dimensionally stable and they do not stretch or crease. Our wallpaper is not only moisture-resistant when painted, but it can also be disinfected. Dust or pollen do not get stuck to it and soiling can be removed without any issues. Our wallpaper is therefore suitable for people who suffer with allergies and is an optimal solution for walls which need to fulfil particular hygienic standards like hospitals. Hospitals and medical surgeries use these wallpapers due to their particular hygiene properties and their durability. They can be cleaned and disinfected without problems, and the durability and impact-resistance are tried-and-tested in day-to-day practical situations. 

Our wallpapers can be painted several times, and therefore be redesigned and customised to your needs which is ideal for hotels or B&Bs


Powerhouse Wall Paper in MaltaOur wallpapers are flame-retardant and durable and therefore perfectly suitable for public buildings such as schools or councils, as well as in offices and workplaces. This robust wallpaper is, however, often used in private living rooms can also be used in the kitchen or bathroom as water and water-vapour have no effect on our wallpaper

They also demonstrate their strengths in children’s rooms and kindergartens, as they can withstand any strain and they can be refreshed for every age with a fresh coat of paint in a new and individual way.

An overview of the most important characteristics:

  • Multiple paintable
  • Strong and durable
  • Tear-resistant
  • Shape stable
  • Can be wallpapered without laps
  • Crack-bridging
  • Flame retardant
  • Wipeable and rot resistant
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers

Hygenic Powerhouse Wall Paper Malta

Wallpaper for your walls

We’ll help you find the correct wallpaper for your project. Contact us with your project plans and get advice from our service team. Once your requirements have been determined, the suitable wallpaper and finishing will be discussed. 


You will receive a free quotation from us, including painting in the colour of your choice.

A plasterer can be supplied upon request.


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Powerhouse Wall Finishing Malta