Do you like nature and would like to explore more of what Malta has to offer? You can find hiking trails all over the island. Some of the most popular ones are:

Ta’ Marija Cave 

In Mgarr Malta one can hike to a hidden cave called the Ta’ Marija Cave. Breathtaking views can be seen when you reach the final destination, and a kayak rental is offered near the caves in order for you to actually enter the cave and see what mother nature has created. To reach this cave it takes about 40 minutes from Gnjena Bay with the use of good trekking shoes which are highly reccommended. However this hike should not be attempted when the westerly wind is blowing with some force as the ledge could be washed away by hazardous waves. Overall this hike is said to be a rewarding one when reaching the Ta’ Marija Cave. 

Wied il-Bassasa

Located in Zurrieq Malta, this valley is said to be one with spectacular views. This place is remote and you will only find one or two fishermen if you visit this valley. This hike is said to be very quiet and relaxing with astonishing views all around you. Overall this would definitely make a good place for you to go for a hike.

Pixxina Naturali 

This place is located in Qrendi and it is said to be one of the most beautiful places found in Malta. The hike is said to be of moderate difficulty and not that long, situated along the south coastline. It is very unusual, secluded and consists of a lot of natural beauty that is found in Malta. One person said that it will take you back thousands of years through the scenery and with what mother nature has to offer. All in all, this hike would be a good way to see a different side of Malta while also relaxing and exploring.

Victoria Lines  

The Victoria Lines were originally known as the North West Front. This is a line of fortification that spans 12 kilometers along the width of Malta, dividing the north of the island from the south. This hike is known to show very beautiful scenery while having a historical story behind ir. This hike would be highly recommended if you want to learn more about Maltese history while also hiking and admiring the local beauty Malta has to offer.