A veterinarian is a professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating diseases, disorders and injuries in animals. Veterinarians provide different types of services in private practice, teaching, research, government service, public health, military service, private industry. A veterinarian :

  • Diagnoses animal health problems.
  • Vaccinates against diseases.
  • Medicates animals suffering from infections and illnesses.
  • Treats and dresses wounds.
  • Perform minor to complex surgery.
  • Advise owners about animal feeding behavior and breeding.


Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic Malta

The Blue Cross Clinic are experienced people as they spent their lives surrounded by pets. Their vets have over thirty-five year of experience treating dogs,cats and other companion animals, as well as a wide range of exotic animals. Their surgical and nursing teams undertake continual professional development that ensures that they stay at the forefront of veterinary and palliative medicine. The Blue Cross Clinic also provide a 24-hour emergency helpline in case you need a veterinary first aid advice. The 24-hour emergency helpline number is: 79404030.


Address: Blue Cross Vet Clinic, Triq il-Wied, Msida MSD 9020

Telephone Number: 21492174



Vets at Home Malta

Vets at Home do house visits 7 days a week to provide veterinary care for your household pets. Their services include: 

  • Vaccinations and preventative healthcare.
  • Geriatric health care.
  • Blood tests.
  • Eye tests. 

And more. 

In their clinic Vets at Home also provide diagnostic procedures such as x-rays or surgeries. 



Telephone Number/Phone: 27692277 / 99922777




Vetcare Animal Clinic 

The animal clinic has been taking care for sick animals for over 20 years. Vetcare’s professional and experienced team are dedicated to help all animals, and welcome a wide range of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, reptiles and other exotic pets. Vetcare is committed to providing the best preventive, medical and surgical treatment available to keep all pets happy and healthy.  Vetcare Animal Clinic services include:

  • Visits, consultations and second opinions. 
  • Vaccinations and check-ups.
  • Microchipping and pet passports. 
  • Nutritional advice.
  • House-visits.
  • Surgery and procedure.
  • X-ray imaging and ultrasonography. 


Address: Vetcare Animal Clinic, Misrah Lourdes, San Gwann SGN2010 

Telephone Number: 21373277 / 21382936




Pets Veterinary Clinic 

Pets Veterinary Clinics are a full service clinic; your pet can get everything from nail trimmings to advanced orthopaedic surgery and more. They also stock a large variety of prescription diets which they can back up with guidance and professional advice from their trained nurses. In case of an emergency you can call: 52502000. Their services include: 

  • Routine clinical examinations.
  • Advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. 
  • Oral and dental surgery.
  • Diagnostic imaging.

And more.


Address: 28, Triq Wied il-Ghajn Zabbar ZBR2701 

Telephone Number: 21896897